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Welcome to Trinity Clinic Pharmacy

Your health and that of your loved ones is far too important to compromise on. That is why we dispense only the finest quality supplements available today, and at competitive prices.

We have equipped our clinic with a natural dispensary in order to provide you with the highest quality homeopathic, herbal, vitamin, mineral, hormone, glandular and enzyme preparations available today, in a timely, cost-effective and convenient fashion. We are constantly evaluating the quality and efficacy of natural health products from around the world in order to bring you the best of results and value.

We ship via UPS. The UPS charge is currently $16.62 for a single order of any size under $150 and we pay the UPS (standard ground rates) on product orders over $150. (Payment is due at time of order and may be made by Master Card or Visa).

UPS insurance is mandatory on all orders. If an order gets lost, stolen or damaged, UPS pays for the first $110 of that order. The following charges will be added to your order automatically by Trinity Clinic Pharmacy prior to processing your credit care and shipping your item. Please note that these insurance charges will not show up on your Website order confirmation or receipts.

$0 to $110 NO CHARGE
$110 - $300 is $2.40
$301 - $400 is $3.25
$401 - $600 is $4.00
OVER $600 is $4.40

Please call us between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday with your requests, feedback or concerns (425-778-5673).

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1. BioLipotrol
2. Liposomal Melatonin
3. Cardio HTN
4. Eskaloft - 60 Capsules
5. UltraLean Thermo Capsules

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Have you read our information on Diabetes Alternative Medicine, or Allergy Herbal Medicine? Trinity Clinic is a Seattle Holistic Center that strives to provide excellent information and services.

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